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In 9 months, the Lord has help to heal Michelle from the wounds of heroin and crystal meth addiction.

After 2 months, God transformed Richard and the pain of being alone, which led him to drug abuse.

After an overdose that nearly took his life, Sergio met a Pastor from Teen Challenge in a hospital bed. Through God and the ministry of Teen Challenge, Sergio has found healing, peace, joy and hope.

Kianna's pain of a rough childhood led her partying and cocaine, but God had another plan for her life.

Ivan was running from God, addicted to drugs and alcohol and was hoping to die, but God heard his prayer.

Jesus saved Jessica from 10 years of a broken and addicted life.

After a year in Teen Challenge, God help heal Holly from life of abuse and drug use.

Jose never had a father and was in and out of jail and violent gangs, but Jesus gave him a new future.

Depressed, an alcoholic and addicted to prescription drugs, Keizia was about to give up. But she waited on God and found healing.

Even though Eric grew up in a Christian home, he found himself addicted to heroin and oxycontin, but God's grace was poured out into his life.

Tina grew up in a broken, unloving home which led to depression and drug addiction. After coming to Teen Challenge, God restored her and has given her peace.

Most of Eric's life was spent chasing a high which led him to drugs and partying. But after an overdose, Jesus placed him in Teen Challenge saved his life. 

Since the age of 12, Ashley was addicted to all types of substances. After coming to Teen Challenge God has change her heart and her life.

Jose was heavily addicted to drugs and was totally out-of-control. After failing many programs, his pastor led him to Teen Challenge where he found new hope.

Adam has his first heroin overdose at age 16. But God gave him a new opportunity at life in Teen Challenge.

Even though Megan knew the Lord, she found herself using alcohol and prescription pills. But God changed her life and made her a part of Teen Challenge.

Rashad grew up not knowing who he was, which led to a life confusion, drugs and crime. But he reached out to God and through the ministry of Teen Challenge his life was changed.

Danielle kept resisting a relationship with God and ended up on drugs and was about to lose everything. But Teen Challenge helped her to find God's grace for her life.

Through a series of tough life experiences, Audrea headed into a life of partying and drugs. Teen Challenge helped her to find God and find healing and peace.

In a life of drugs and crime, Tanya believed life wasn't worth living anymore. But God helped turn her totally turn her life around.