Sergio's Testimony

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Hello, my name is Sergio.

I came to Teen Challenge on October 13th, 2016 after a near fatal heroin overdose that left me on life support in ICU. Before my overdose, I struggled on and off with addiction, depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. My addiction brought me to a place where I was moving backwards. My relationships were burdened and I lost jobs.

My aunt and uncle found me on the living room floor unresponsive. Not breathing and blue in the face, I had vomit in my lungs. I woke up in the ICU to doctors and nurses telling me to open my eyes and cough as they took me off the life support machines. Initially, I was thankful to be alive and that God had spared my life. Then negativity set in and I became discouraged. I went from being a college graduate with a promising career as a RN to an addict and a failure.

Then God met me right where I was at. He sent a Pastor from Teen Challenge to pray for me. He told me there was a bed available at Albany Teen Challenge. I agreed to come.

Since coming to Teen Challenge, I have been very blessed. I have a great set of leaders and brothers in the program. My addiction, depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts have been replaced with joy, peace, excitement and hope in the promises of Jesus. I am closer to God than I have ever been. He revealed to me that the reason I was never able to stay clean was because I was depending on my own strength. Through Teen challenge I have learned to surrender and depend on his power that is made perfect in my weakness. I am eternally grateful to God for giving me another chance. I am thankful for the work He does through Teen Challenge. Today, I rejoice because he has restored my hope.