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Brooklyn Teen Challenge is located in what is now considered to be one of the more upscale neighborhoods of Brooklyn called Clinton Hill. Our Campus actually resides on Clinton Ave. and was bought by Rev. David Wilkerson himself in 1958. It was the first residential home for what is now a global ministry, Teen Challenge.  When Rev. David Wilkerson bought the 416 Clinton Ave. home Clinton Hill was a sketchy and dangerous neighborhood and in fact was one of the reasons he bought in that area because the teenaged gang members and drug addicts frequented that particular area. Through the years it’s become a beautiful upscale neighborhood filled with nice homes with families, restaurants, shopping and many people pay a lot of money to reside here.

Brooklyn Teen Challenge’s campus has the capacity of housing up to 100 people which includes 416 Clinton Ave. that still houses our Students and Staff and is still where our academics, daily devotions, mentoring and daily administrative operation’s take place. Currently the Director of our Ministry is Pastor Paul Burke. He completed the Long Island Teen Challenge Program and is a licensed minister through the Assemblies of God. He serves under the watchful leadership of Pastor jimmy Jack, our Vice President and Pastor Willie Ramos, our Executive Director. As the Flagship Teen Challenge Center our Leadership Team continues to uphold the original DNA of Teen Challenge and to continue the mission started by our founders Rev. David and Don Wilkerson.

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Brooklyn Teen Challenge

444 Clinton Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238